उठाओ एक सुरक्षित Keylogger मैक ओएस एक्स के लिए कैसे

A सुरक्षित keylogger मैक के लिए means that the keylogger for Mac will neither bundled with random unwanted rubbish or insecure components nor contain any viruses/malware/back doors. A safe keylogger for Mac can help you reveal online activities of your children, partners, employees and people who use your Mac without your authorization easily and safely.

वहाँ दो प्रकार के होते हैं मैक के लिए सुरक्षित keyloggers you can choose from: hardware keyloggers and software keyloggers.

Hardware keylogger is comparatively safe if you buy one from trustworthy vendors. But it is not recommended if you are Mac users. Since most hardware keyloggers for Mac are tiny USB-shaped hardware modules that plug into keyboard, which can be easily discovered and unplugged and you will lost everything.

To avoid being discovered, you can purchase an अदृश्य सुरक्षित keylogger मैक के लिए. Unlike keylogger trojans or viruses, a सुरक्षित keylogger मैक के लिए usually requires physical access to the target Mac or even administrative rights to be installed. A सुरक्षित keylogger मैक के लिए should be invisible as well, or it will lose its usability like a hardware keylogger. In addition, a safe keylogger for Mac lets you and only you uninstall it as you wish.

Aobo सुरक्षित Keylogger मैक के लिए is completely safe and clean from viruses, malware and back doors. After installation and configuration, you can delete every thing and the safe keylogger for Mac will start to work in stealth. Aobo सुरक्षित Keylogger मैक के लिए records the major part of all the user activities and sends the log files to your Email, which is also good for your security.

Aobo सुरक्षित Keylogger मैक के लिए provides every user with detailed uninstallation guide after download . But please remember the password you set for Aobo सुरक्षित Keylogger मैक के लिए because it is must-have for uninstallation.

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