Quale versione di Keylogger dovrei scegliere per il mio Mac

Il nostro supporto arriva ad una circostanza che alcuni clienti fanno un acquisto errato mentre scelta del tipo di Aobo Mac Keylogger. If the customer does not browse the product page carefully or takes full consideration to Selezionare l'edizione più adatta di keylogger for themselves, they have to re-purchase the keylogger to ask for an edition upgrade or switching. For the sake of making every user know more about our Mac Keylogger, Aobo here is offering you some basic instructions on how to select a suitable Aobo Mac Keylogger between Standard edition and Professional edition.

  • Choose Aobo Mac Keylogger Standard edition which has the ability of recording application name if you need to record the name of the program where the keystrokes are typed.
  • If you want to spy on the user’s password, we suggest Professional edition which records every typed password on the Mac computer. You need the password di amministratore to install a Pro edition.
  • Aobo Mac Keylogger Standard edition is easy to install and use while the Professional edition is a little complicated for junior Mac users. So the Std edition is highly recommended for those users who are not so familiar with the Mac software installation.
  • Try Aobo Mac Keylogger Standard edition if you are finding a cheaper keylogger program. You can save about 50% of your money if you purchase a Standard edition compared to the Professional edition.

We just give you a brief guide here. Please turn to Aobo Mac Keylogger FAQ to know further question.

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