Aobo ソフトウェアは iPad のキーロガーのソフトウェアを起動します。

After released on April 2010, the iPad has been sold out more than 3 million. While being attracted and affected by so many Apple fans, lots of iPad users are searching a way to monitor an iPad device at the same time. What’s an 計算されたキーロガー? It’s a kind of tiny app for iPad to record any information on the device, like keystrokes, passwords, websites and screenshots. Aobo software alwasy concern about users’ requirements and provide with them for smart monitoring solutions. We are glad to tell you that a safe and clean iPad Keylogger Software – iKeyMonitor – produced by Aobo Software is on the road!

何 ’ s アップル計算されたキーロガーの詳細な機能 iKeyMonitor

  • Capture every keystroke including password when the users type them on the iPad.
  • Record every website for the popular browsers when the users browse the pages.
  • Record screenshots on the iPad desktop at a interval time you set.
  • Remote monitoring by sending all the logs to your email account or web space.
  • 誰を検出することができます、 キーロガーを計算されました。 running since iPad Keylogger works on an undetectable mode after installation.
  • Safe Keylogger with a password protected. You are the only one who can get access to the iPad Keylogger.

以上の提案があれば、あなたの創造的なアイデアを残す私たち キーロガーを計算されました。!


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