Spytech SpyAgent ステルス版キーロガー レビュー

Spytech SpyAgent はすることができます強力なコンピューターのスパイ ソフトウェアです。 すべてのユーザーかを監視します。 on your computer – 合計ステルスで. SpyAgent provides a large array of essential computer monitoring features, as well as website and application content filtering, chat client blocking, lockdown scheduling, and remote delivery of logs via email or FTP.

Micro Keylogger – Monitor Activities on PC in Total Stealth Mode

As the all-in-one keylogger for PC, Micro Keylogger is well-designed to help you catch almost all activities happened on your computer, and enables you 目に見えない to:

  • Record keystrokes & passwords
  • レコードのテキストがクリップボードに
  • 訪問した記録のウェブサイト
  • ダウンロードしたファイルの記録
  • アプリケーションで使用されるレコード
  • キャプチャ スクリーン ショットを記録
  • ブロック アプリケーションの実行
  • オープニングからウェブサイトをブロック
  • 電子メールまたは FTP 経由でログを提供します。
  • サポート リモート コントロール

How does Spytech SpyAgent work on your computer?

Spytech SpyAgent Stealth edition is the most powerful, stable and easy to use spy keylogger that it holds the first position in our testing!


  • 1

    The installation process of Stealth Edition of Spyagent is very simple, and takes only few seconds – the only thing you need to do is to launch the installation file, the program will do everything by itself.

  • 2

    After the installation the program asks you to create a password and shows you "簡単なセットアップ ウィザード" that has only five steps (three of them are "設定を確認します。", "適用" and "[完了]") that will help a user to make a "クイック構成します。" of the program.

  • 3

    You are welcomed to see the main program screen after setup. All the information is grouped into categories. All the categories have special icons that should be clicked if you want to view the intercepted information of this category. Great filtration possibility is the positive side of the program, the information can be viewed in groups, in one log, sorted by date, by time, by name, etc.

  • 4

    As for the log transfer options the log files can be transferred by three basic means – email, LAN and FTP. You can check logs within Spytech SpyAgent itself or in remote locations.


  • 1

    Spytech SpyAgent Stealth edition intercepts both sides of MSN, and ICQ messengers, but only one side of conversations made in Skype, Yahoo and AIM is intercepted.

  • 2

    The program also doesn’t record mouse clicks, system logon time and password. As for the good part of interception capabilities Spytech SpyAgent monitors all the file activities except file renaming and even records the system inactivity time.

  • 3

    As for the program stealth level it is somewhere "途中で" – there are no files in Start menu, no processes in Task Manager and nothing in the "Add or remove programs" menu, but the program folder was found by our team.


  • 1

    The visual surveillance is great – all functions are implemented.

  • 2

    Parental control and filtering options are worth praising – both of the Parental Control options and all of the filtering ones except the "特定のプログラムを鑑賞する能力" and "数日報告建物" are implemented.

How does Micro Keylogger work stealthily in the computer?



The default hot key "シフト + alt キー + M" can be clicked to open the Micro Keylogger window quickly. For more invisible and secure monitoring, you are allowed to change it to a more complicated combination in case someone brings it up by accident.



Setting password is pretty essential and important for you if you want your Micro Keylogger works smoothly on the target PC. The password is required to enter Micro Keylogger, in this way, the keylogger is well protected.



After you close the Micro Keylogger setting window, Micro Keylogger will work invisibly and automatically record all activities happened on the PC without being noticed by anyone. No one can find out the monitoring software working on the PC unless they get the hot key.

ステルス メール/FTP 報告


To monitor all things more stealthy, you can’t check the recorded logs physically at any time. Micro Keylogger sends the logs remotely to the preset email address or FTP space. Besides, it is also able to remotely switch on or switch off the keylogger by the remote control portal.



It is important to clear old logs periodically if you want to keep Micro Keylogger work safely on PC, why? Because there are so many logs recorded by Micro Keylogger, which are saved on the disk space, your disk space will run out if the logs isn’t deleted.

What can Micro Keylogger invisibly do for you?

マイクロキーロガー is the most powerful, stable and easy to use spy keylogger that it holds the first position in our testing! Taking its powerful features into consideration, Micro Keylogger is able to work invisibly on your PC to help you do many things, below we can check it together!

  • コンピューターを監視 ’ s 活動目に見えない

    Micro Keylogger records keystrokes typed, websites visited, instant chats and email messages sent by users on your computer. You are able to use it as the computer monitoring software to catch people’s activities invisibly when you are away.

  • 家族の PC の使用状況を秘密の目を維持します。

    It is very necessary for families to install and use the Micro Keylogger, because it helps families keep a secret eye on the family PC usage carefully. It works invisibly and secretly to help you keep track of all things the family members do on your family computer so as to let you know more truth.

  • 気づいたことがなく、従業員の活動を監督します。

    As a manager, you must wonder whether your employees are wasting time during the working time, or you must also want to figure out what they usually do on the PC when working. Now Micro Keylogger is able to help you know everything easily, including their chat messages typed, email composed etc.

  • Mac OS X のための従業員のモニターをお探しですか。
    プロフェッショナルなソリューション-Mac 用の Easemon をチェックしてください!
  • 見るし、子供を制御 ’ の PC での動作

    Children’s online security is a big problem for most parents nowadays because there are so many bad contents flooding on the Internet. Now Micro Keylogger is able to help every parent know what your kids do online in detail. It not only records almost everything kids do on the computer, but also assists you to filter websites and applications easily, which is absolutely the best parental control software.

  • 跡形もなく、PC 上で入力したキーストロークのログ

    Micro Keylogger is the most keystroke logger for PC as well. It can help you log all key presses typed on the keyboard without any trace, including online searches, email composed, chat logs, posts and comments on social networks etc. All of those recorded information will tell you more about what happened on your computer.


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