Aobo Keylogger mac을 원격으로 해제

Of couruse, if you have physical access of the mac computer, you can just disable email by opening the keylogger and uncheck “Send logs by email”

But if you don’t have physical access, you may try this trick about how to stop aobo mac keylogger from sending email remotely

As you know, Aobo 맥 keylogger 있는 유일한 맥 스파이 소프트웨어 records passwords, keystrokes, screenshots, website visits. You can set up a email account such as gmail and enable the email function on Aobo keylogger. Aobo keylogger will send you period email with the logs attached.

Sometimes you may want to pause the logs from sending to you or you don’t want to receive logs any more.

Here is the trick from one of Aobo Mac Keylogger users.
He just changed the password for the email which was used to be Smtp. Then the mac keylogger can’t send the logs to him anymore.
If he wants to receive logs again, he can just change the password back, and the keylogger will continue sending the logs to his email.

Note: There is no message pop up if you changed the smtp email password, the keylogger continues 자동으로 작동.

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