Elite Keylogger

Don’t you want to know what your employees are doing when you are not watching them? Elite Keystroke Recorder will find this out for you!

Rejestrator klawiszy Elite records everything happening on the monitored PC, including chat conversations on instant messengers, e-mail message, website history, keystrokes, programs executed, passwords typed (including Windows logon password), usernames and time stamp they worked on your computer, desktop screenshots, clipboard and much more!

Also, as for those who want to find the professional keystroke recorder, Micro Keylogger should be strongly recommended.

Micro Keylogger jest Rejestrator klawiszy for monitoring and recording every detail of PC and Internet activity everywhere: at home or in the office. Meanwhile, its blocking function can also help you block all undesirable websites and applications on the monitored PC. The below is the key functions of Micro Keylogger.

  • Działa niewidocznie i ukradkiem
  • Log keystrokes & password typed
  • Nagrać teksty w schowku
  • Nagraj wiadomość IM swój koniec
  • Utrzymywać ślad od odwiedzanych stron internetowych
  • Zrzuty ekranu okresowo
  • Blokowanie niepożądanych stron internetowych
  • Zablokować niechciane aplikacje
  • Dostarczyć logi przez e-mail/FTP
  • Ochrona hasłem
  • Dostosowywane klawisze skrótu
  • Pilot zdalnego sterowania

Główne funkcje Micro Keylogger

  • Działa cicho i skrycie
    Keystroke logger can work in a complete invisible and undetectable way. It is difficult for your kids, your spouse or even your employees to discover its existence that you can use it without too much consideration.
  • Record Keystrokes & Passwords
    The Rejestrator klawiszy records the keystrokes and passwords typed and stays completely undetectable to users! It allows you to know what your kid typed on the websites and applications.
  • Teksty rekord w schowku
    Micro Keylogger helps you keep records of the texts that are copied or cut to the clipboard. Therefore, apart from the keystrokes typed, you are able to know the pasted contents as well.
  • Rekordu IM wiadomości na swój koniec
    Micro Keylogge can capture the IM chat conversation and the time stamp at your side. Then, you are able to figure out whether your employee spends too much time in chatting something unrelated to the work.
  • Witryna internetowa aplikacji Record historii
    The accurate time stamp and every URL of the website visited on IE/Firefox/Google Chrome can be captured by the PC monitoring software. Then, all your kids’ online behavior can be under your control.
  • Blokowanie niechcianych stron internetowych
    Micro Keylogger has the website blocking function. You are able to block the porn websites and other undesirable websites on your kids’ PC as long as you put the keywords or URLs to the filter list.
  • Przechwytywanie zrzutów ekranu
    The Rejestrator klawiszy regularly takes screenshots of the activities happening on the monitored PC so that you won’t miss every activity happening on your kids’ PC.
  • Wysyła logi przez E-mail lub FTP
    You can send logs to your email box or FTP space to master what is happening on the PC while you are away. Meanwhile, you are able to check the logs anywhere anytime with the internet connection.
  • Pilot zdalnego sterowania
    You can turn on or turn off Micro Keylogger remotely through the remote online portal, which helps you keep track of all activities on PC remotely.
  • Ochrona hasłem
    Hasło ochrony Rejestrator klawiszy can ensure the security of your configuration. The monitored users are unable to change the configuration unless the correct password is typed.
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