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Realtime-Spy Remote Spy Software jest dobrze wyposażony zdalnego spy software który umożliwia ZAINSTALUJ ZDALNIE the spying program on the computer. Meanwhile, you can also dostęp do dzienników aktywności from anywhere anytime through the Realtime-Spy Remote Spy Software Webspace! Likewise, if you have the access to the target computer, you can try Micro Keylogger – the best remote spy software for PC users!

Micro Keylogger – Remote Spy Software

Micro Keylogger, a piece of zdalnego spy software, records everything happening on the monitored PC, including the keystroke and password typed, the IM chat conversation at your side, the website history. Then, the logs can be delivered to the email box or FTP space directly. In addition, the undesirable websites and applications can be blocked as well.

Micro Keylogger
  • Name: Micro Keylogger
  • Support: Bezpłatną dożywotnią
  • Price: $79.95

Główne funkcje Micro Keylogger

  • Działa cicho i skrycie
    Micro Keylogger has the invisible monitoring function that can work in a completely invisible and undetectable way. It is hard for your kids or your employees to be aware of its existence.
  • Rekord wpisany naciśnięcia klawiszy/hasła
    Uderzenie klawisza i hasło wpisane przez klawiaturę mogą być przechwytywane przez zdalnego spy software. All your kids’ PC activities are under your control.
  • Teksty rekord w schowku
    All texts copied or cut to the clipboard will be captured exactly. Thus, you are able to know the activities done on PC in more detail.
  • Nagraj wiadomość IM po Twojej stronie
    The computer spying program can record the IM chat conversation, the date and time at your end. You are able to check whether your kids keep in touch with some bad people on the Internet.
  • Witryna internetowa aplikacji Record historii
    Micro Keylogger can keep track of every URL of the websites visited and the accurate time stamp. It allows you to figure out what your employees are doing on the PC during the working time.
  • Blokowanie niechcianych stron internetowych
    The zdalnego spy software has the website blocking function that can block all those unwanted websites on the internet. It helps you instruct your kids’ PC usage.
  • Przechwytywanie zrzutów ekranu okresowo
    With the screenshot capturing function, you are able to check the logs with the vivid visualized picture. Meanwhile, you won’t miss anything happening on the monitored PC.
  • Dostarczyć logi przez E-mail lub FTP
    The logs can be delivered to your email box or FTP space directly for the convenience of your remote checking. You are able to check the reports on the device with the internet connection.
  • Sterowanie zdalne Keylogger
    Micro Keylogger allows you to remotely control its monitoring status by the remote control portal so that you can choose to turn on or turn off the remote spy software easily!
  • Ochrona hasłem
    The password protection can ensure the security of your configuration; nobody can approach to the interface of zdalnego spy software to change the settings unless the correct password typed.
  • Wielu użytkowników opcjonalny
    The computer monitoring program has the multiple users optional. You are able to switch your monitoring from the current user account to all user accounts freely.

Obowiązujące użytkownika Micro Keylogger

  • Parents – Instruct Kids PC Usage
    As for those youngsters who are still unable to distinguish right from wrong, it is quite essential for the parents to instruct kids’ PC usage. On the one hand, the zdalnego spy software allows you to know what your kids are doing on the internet actually; on the other hand, the website blocking function can also help you block all those unwanted websites so as to protect your kids on PC.
  • Company Owner – Control Employees’ PC Activities
    The computer seems to be one of the commonly-used facilities for the employees to enhance the working efficiency. However, it can be a tool to diverse employees’ attention from the accurate work. With the blocking function of Micro Keylogger, you are able to block all those undesirable websites and stop the unsuitable applications from running effectively on your employees’ PC.
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  • Couples – Master Spouse’s PC Behavior
    As long as your spouse has any strange behavior, such as deleting the website history after browsing, it can stimulate your curiosity to know what your spouse is doing on the PC actually. The zdalnego spy software allows you to keep track of the website visited on the spouse’s PC. It helps you discover the truths.

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