Aobo Mac OS Parental Suite-Save You $20!

Aobo Mac OS X Parental Suite consists of two powerful control tools: Aobo Mac Keylogger Versão profissional e Internet Aobo filtro para Mac, which is a new product service provided by Aobo software.

Aobo Mac Keylogger, a famous monitoring Keylogger for Mac, tells you clearly what happened to the targeted Mac. That’s because it can log all the activities that occurred on Mac, which includes the typed keystrokes, visited websites, captured screenshots, chat conversations, even the passwords typed on the Mac. The Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional Version automatically sends these logs to your email, which enables you to get informed of your kids’ activities online at a remote location. However, it doesn’t have the function to block sites or applications on Mac. So you need to install Aobo Internet Filter for Mac onto your kid’s Mac computer, realizing your complete access parental control on your kids.

Internet Aobo filtro para Mac, a popular Internet monitoring and blocking tool for Mac, can be used to block games, block applications and monitor website visits. Different from Mac built-in Parental Control, filter for Mac is applicable to all Mac user account, even the Admin Account. With its blocking feature, you can not only filter preset websites and programs but also the new ones by adding URLs and programs from filter list. Besides blocking, Aobo Internet Filter for Mac has another function to perfectly log websites visited in any browsers.

Agora o Aobo lança política de descontos de O Mac OS X Suite Parental – Bundle of Aobo Mac Keylogger and Aobo Internet Filter for Mac Personal License, from which you can get a really deal. It will only cost you 179.95 USD to get this parental suite, 20 USD less than buying them respectively.

Ensuring that they can function well on your Mac, you’d better test the Aobo Mac Keylogger and Filter for Mac before purchase. Please go to and download free trial copies of them.

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