FTP-Remote Desktop Keylogger

Har du någonsin undrat varför gör din man "work" on the computer so late at the night? Have you ever wondered who is your Fru‘s "partner" she talks with all the time?

After reading over and over in the newspapers all those scary news around children who have been seduced by sick people, don’t you want to know what your barn are doing on their computer? Do they take secret chat conversations with adult strangers? Do they surf to vuxna webbplatser?

Don ’ t vill du veta vad din anställda are doing when you are not watching them?

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Med FTP-Keylogger Du kan läsa deras tangenttryckningar och lösenord, look at their chattkonversationer och även titta på den webbplatser they surfed to.

FTP-Keylogger Du kan registrera alla skrivna inklusive språkspecifika characters, talk and messages conversations, passwords, e-mails, clipboard information, desktop and Internet activity (like sites your kids have visited). The keylogger automatically activate it self when Windows starts.

What Can FTP Keylogger Do for You?

Skydda barn säkra Online

The Internet is so popular in our daily that most people like to spend a lot of time online to do whatever they want such as watching videos, playing games, chatting with friends, surfing social media and more. Especially children today become more and more familiar with the computer and the Internet so that parents should pay more attention to their online security.

There are so many unknown dangers that children may encounter on the Internet. For example, a lot of children today are addicted to playing computer games and can’t get themselves out of it, which has a bad effect on their mental and physical health. As responsible parents, you should keep a close on what they do clearly when your kids surf the Internet so as to protect them safe online.

Hitta vad som hände med din make

Did you find that there is something wrong with your spouse because she/he spent so much online? Why your husband/wife closes the window quickly and seems a little nervous when you ask what he/she is doing on the Internet? In fact, it is very important and essential for you to figure out what is happening to your spouse, Micro Keylogger is well-featured to help you record what your spouse do on the computer including all keystrokes, chat conversations, visited websites, emails and captured screenshots. With the information, you could find out all the truth as soon as possible.

Övervaka anställda arbetar på kontor

Much work should be done with the computer or Internet, so the monitoring has become a big problem. The working efficiency of employees becomes low because of the Internet, because the Internet divert their attention during working. To make managers supervise your employees more easily, Micro Keylogger is highly recommended to log whatever your employees do on the computer.

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Övervaka din datoranvändning

Do you know what is going on your computer when you are away? Is there anyone who has used your computer? Most of us don’t want others to use our computer covertly owing to the privacy, so considering this situation, you’d better install the Micro Keylogger on your PC, which assists you to log all things happening on your computer invisibly without being noticed.

Hålla ett öga på skolans dator

Students are able to use computers in the school easily, for example, the computer class, library and more. Commonly, it is a little difficult for teachers to keep an eye on what students view on the Internet, because there are so many students that teachers can hardly take care of every one of them. Now once installing the Micro Keylogger, you can know all that students do online, such as what videos they watch, what they search online, who they chat with etc.

FTP Keylogger Features:


  • Logga tangenttryckningar – Record every keystrokes and lösenord entered on the keyboard.
  • Spåra webbplatser – Track the website history in popular web browsers.
  • Övervaka nedladdningar – Keep track of the files downloaded onto the computer.
  • Spela in program – Keep a record of the applications used on the Windows.
  • Loggar chattkonversationer – Log messages typed in any instant messages.


  • Privacy & Stealthy – The FTP keylogger is completely invisible when it is working.
  • Automatisk start – Automatically starts logging in hidden mode when Windows starts.
  • Loggunderhåll – Set the keylogger to automatically send log files via FTP and Email.

Sändande funktioner:

  • FTP-leverans – FTP Keylogger will upload logs to FTP.
  • E-postleverans – The keylogger will send log reports via Email

System Requirement:

  • Fully support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

FTP-Keylogger erbjuder oöverträffad prestanda på en överkomligt pris.

Our product offers you all the advanced features at affordable price. You can take advantage of new technology without wasting large sums of money. Our Key logger is not expensive, but it is no less sophisticated than software that cost you a fortune.

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