Aobo Keylogger for Mac covers almost all the logging capabilities and offers different kinds of approaches to check logs, which helps you to know exactly what happened on your Mac while you are away.

Micro Keylogger integrates several tools to monitor and control user activities. You can use it not only to log almost everything done on a Windows PC but also block websites and applications.

iKeyMonitor Products

iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Keylogger

iKeyMonitor is an iOS app that is specially designed to log SMS and WhatsApp messages, keystrokes, passwords , websites and take screen snapshots on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It remains 100% hidden, which means there's no chance of you getting caught spying on the iOS devices.

iKeyMonitor Android Keylogger for Smart Phones

iKeyMonitor Android Keylogger monitors all the activities done on the cell phone, such as SMS, calls, browsed websites, GPS locations, emails and Facebook. iKeyMonitor Android Keylogger is very useful if you want to monitor what your kids and families are doing with their Android Phone.

How is a keylogger helpful?

  • Social medias are so popular as well as potentially dangerous in our daily lives. With the advent of the technology, social network including its myriad facets has never been this easier and efficient, however, its infinite possibilities have gone way past comprehension and control, which may bring unfavorable results to us. We as human beings could not just rely upon with such immense power, but should also monitor and control the usage of it.
  • A keylogger not only works invisibly to log social networking activities, but also filters any unwanted web pages and applications powerfully. Here we offer the most professional keylogger for Windows PC, Mac OS X computers and smart phones that is able to keep control of whole things happened on the gadgets.
  • With a keylogger, you are allowed to catch whole social networking activities, such as recording the messages you post, the comments you leave, the web pages you view on the Facebook or Twitter, and the chats you typed on Facebook. Additionally, screenshots captured will show you an image to tell you what they do on the Mac more visually.
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